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Our Events

We believe that balance is a critical component to success – in investment and in life in general. So we provide events designed to give you what you need. Whether its helping you learn the principles of building wealth through property, or helping you develop the skills to maintain that essential life balance, we have a free event for you.

Property Investment Events

We conduct a range of enjoyable, non-sales events designed for current and new investors. Our events are strictly non-sales and provide a forum for our clients to get together to exchange ideas and tips.

Our Behind the Scenes event series brings Finvestors together with our panel of experts and other Finvest clients who are already building their portfolios. We also run Finvest-only bus tours of Melbourne’s best (and often unlisted) investment opportunities and and have special premium showcase evenings at exclusive property locations around Melbourne.

Join us and discover Melbourne’s hidden investment gems.

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Lifestyle & Health Events

We all know that wealth is about a lot more than money. But in the frantic roller coaster of daily life, its far too easy to lose sight of those critical non-financial aspects that enrich our lives in other ways.

That’s why we created Health is Wealth.

Our free morning Health is Wealth sessions take place every quarter, and offer clients and interested individuals a chance to take some time for yourself and reconnect with the other critical areas of wellbeing (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational and Social) that all too often get pushed to one side. It’s also a lot of fun!

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  • Sun

    Melbourne Property Hot Spot Bus Tour

    10:00 amStarting from Finvest HQ - Ground Floor, Suite 2, 66 Albert Road, South Melbourne 3205

    Hit the road with Finvest and 40 other property enthusiasts, and learn about investing while visiting Melbourne's investment hot spots. Seats are limited - don't miss yours.