Together, alongside a few thousand mentorees, that are now Australia wide, with investors deep into various strategies and hotspots that have rebuilt their relationship with quality of life, our community of Finvestors have now shared nearly a whole property cycle together; through the fast evolution through this information age of webinars and ‘learn to earn’ programs.

Property Strategy Session 1

Our beginning with you is about you, and the current trends in property + how we can help you.

Finvest covers:

  • What has held you back in the past?
  • New vs Established property, being aware of your entry costs
  • Borrowing Capacity tools to maximise your ability to increase your lending potential
  • What is deductable if used for owner occupier vs investment
  • Investment cost, holding costs, interest rates, loan structures and once you have it, what do you plan to do with it?
  • Capital Gains implications, property in super and property for my family and kids.

Through 17 years Finvest have sought out, trialled and implemented dozens of variations of property strategy from land banking, property options, flipping, renovating, off the plan purchases, construction, house and land and distressed purchases, through to asset protection, self managed property strategy, property trusts and commercial to name a few.