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Perfect for beginners who are not market ready. We will educate and support you to help you get deposit ready. You’ll have your first investment property within 12 months!

First Timer

If you are ready to make the leap into your first investment, let Finvest share our secrets with you. This option in suitable for clients who need guidance and with our property market knowledge, you can be confident you’ll be making the right choice with us.

Second in Line

The term equity is used a lot in the investment property market. Let us show you how to utilise your equity and build wealth. You’ll be on your way to financial freedom sooner than you know it.


For the seasoned investor, this package offers a full
comprehensive review of your current portfolio. Leaving no stone unturned, you can be assured why we are the best at what we do and will have your portfolio managing itself!

Australia's relationship with property

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  • Investment Owners
  • Australian Population

Investment Owners in Australia

  • No mortgage
  • Mortgage
  • Renting

Home Ownership Statistics

  • 1 Property
  • 2 Properties
  • 3 Properties
  • 4 Properties

Percentage of Number of Investment Properties Owned

4130.0 – Housing Occupancy and Costs, 2011-12
5673.0.55.003 – Wage and Salary Earner Statistics for Small Areas, Time Series, 2005-06 to 2010-11

How many Australians have a mortgage?

Finvest Feels:
These are all potential property investors whom have yet to unearth their full potential, which can mean re-using that dormant equity to assist with paying down their home (a non tax deductible debt) faster.

How many Australians Rent?

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Who are our potential clients as landlords?
How can we attract the right ones?

How Many Australians know all 4 incomes from Rental Properties?

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We share the full potential of how to use property for investment with our Finvestor community via fee free unlimited events, education and coaching

Everybody's different, so we have a set of milestones we will work through with
everyone at any level looking to get started.