The definition of FINVEST success – Creating REPEAT investors from anyone who is looking to get started and use property for investment.

Investing is a journey where the 1st step is the hardest. By choosing Finvest you seek to be guided and supported through the maze of accessing and using residential property for investment.

We tailor and target your recommendations based on spending the time with you in a Strategy Session, we listen to your needs. We will take the time to work our step by step why to finding property that will bring you the

Learn about your limits. Finvest use a direct relationship with senior bankers nationally across over 20 lenders.

We are passionate. Build an awareness around the ability you have between many banks and look at what is a reasonable level to get started in your investment journey.

Advice and guidance on your structure is critical to getting your foundation right with investing in property. Finvest have over 15 years of experience within the finance and property sector.

Alongside good capital growth, level of approved projects under council application and overall gentrification there are many factors to look at when you start searching for an area that will be suitable for investment.

Learn what tenants are searching for; what part does access to schools, parklands, access to transport and shops play, when tenants look for what they choose where to live. For the purposes of marketing to investors, developers are often purchasing substantial reporting on their projects to provide information on their property.

Use Finvest to make additional queries on what is supplied by the developers, and learn the questions asked by professionals. Enjoy the comfort in having valuations done as a standard practice by Finvest, when Finvest make a review and recommendation on properties which would be suitable for your needs when reviewing a property for investment.

Learn the downsides you need to be protected against, these include vacancy rates, reletting and depreciation.

Free in depth assessments per recommendation as provided by Finvest. What is optimistic vs realistic? Statistics are so commonly used to drive sales. In addition to the merit of the property, there is a larger question, will this be sustainable for me, my goals and needs?

Finvest make sure that as you learn about property you can prepare and have peace of mind that your lifestyle will not be changing as a result of taking on the new investment.

Since returning from presenting for some of Australia’s largest developers throughout Asia for several years, the year has passed so quickly I wanted to share some industry professionals that I lean on for information and advice.

These are not selling opportunities for developers to entice you to buy property. Everyone wants to be equipping themselves with as much information as possible to make better, more educated decisions. A wholesale and direct from supplier behind the scenes look at the investment market. To do this my black book is open to you. Covering various parts of the industry is needed to add value for rounded topic driven discussions: 3 speakers covering different core aspects have been invited to share some updates which you won’t find anywhere else. Who will benefit?

This series is for anyone; bankers, brokers, accountants, friends, your circles of influence to share openly about what they are thinking about when it comes to investing, and learn from people that work within the industry. Enjoy a relaxed and informal opportunity to mingle with likeminded beginner, intermediate and advanced investors. Hear some stories about how they got started and meet the professionals being used by successful investors assisting them along building their portfolios. Meet and access leading branded professionals that specialise in the wholesale supply, lending and use of property for investment. Learn how to make property work for you.