Success Stories

Three properties in under three years - it is possible!

Everyday Melbournians are building wealth and creating an amazing legacy for their families by investing cleverly in property.  We have shown investors like Rhys how to take advantage of easy-to-understand techniques and strategies to create substantial, quality investment portfolios in under 3 years. The results can be astounding, and you don’t have to already be wealthy to get started.

Here's how Rhys did it

Rhys is a contract worker in the mining sector – and he is planning for the future. We have helped him use his income to build an impressive property portfolio. In the process, his investments have served to significantly reduce his tax. Rhys borrowed the deposit for his first investment property. He has since gone from strength to strength, building a portfolio of investment properties that gives him security and reduces his taxable income.

Three reasons to act now...

  1. Building wealth takes time – the sooner you start, the sooner you see the benefit.
  2. Time-sensitive deals don’t wait – some of the best properties and terms are only there for a short time and never hit the retail market. These deals can save you $1000’s.
  3. Developers have key sales times – we know when to push to secure extra-great prices and terms for Finvest clients.

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The tax benefits

Rhys was being taxed $1200 per week before investing in property. After investing, his taxes reduced to $650 – nearly half of his previous taxes. This allowed Rhys to annually save $33,000. Over the course of just three years.

Watch the case study to find out how Rhys made his properties work for him.

Why use Finvest?

  • Save time and money finding the best opportunities

Finvest has access to a portfolio of unique, exclusive and constantly refreshed investment units, townhouses, and house & land solutions. We often gain early or exclusive access to outstanding metro and regional properties – including investment hotspots in Melbourne’s inner, middle and outer suburbs. Many are released to us well before they hit ‘’ and, at this time of year, many are currently accepting offers up to $50,000 below their actual price.

  • We help you develop your own investor skills and expertise

Our team don’t just advise you – we help you develop the essential skills and knowledge you need to manage and grow your portfolio. Our clients enjoy unlimited guidance sessions, as well as access to our panel of established industry experts. We show you how to confidently negotiate property purchases and share simple yet critical techniques for using property to create and retain income.

  • We  stay with you for the entire journey

Our clients keep coming back because they trust us. Many of our clients are now buying their 3rd, 4th and 5th property – and we are still with them making sure they get the outcome that matches their changing goals. We provide the service and expertise that makes the process easy and predictable – no matter where you are in your investment journey.  And we are hands-on from the top down – founder Lisa Harris is active in each and every client portfolio we have created.

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