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Our story.

The Finvest Story

We love property. We understand it, and we know how to make it work.

Our relationship with investment property started early. Like you, we started from scratch and have built our way up – personally through the growth of our own personal property portfolios and professionally through extensive career experience in the mortgage broking and big 4 broker management sectors, as well as extensive experience working with private investors.

This experience also extends well beyond the local retail property market. We have  created and conducted hands-on investor education programs in overseas markets stretching from Sri Lanka, Bangalore, Qatar and Abu Dhabi to Maldives, New Zealand & Malaysia.

It’s our history, experience and our absolute commitment to our clients’ goals that give Finvest clients such a massive head start.

By drawing on strategies and programs that we have developed through years of experience, our clients can act with confidence – and avoid the expensive mistakes that often trip up new investors. Seasoned investors can also develop new skills and take advantage of the exclusive and pre-release deals that Finvest clients enjoy.

Lisa Harris – Founder

Lisa’s passion for property started early. She went into partnership with her mum, bought her 1st property purchase at 21, and never looked back.

Lisa started a full-time career in mortgage brokerage at 21 and has been actively involved professionally and as a private investor for more than 15 years.

During her career she has managed a major lender portfolio of more than 1,000 broker firms across Victoria.


Lisa went on to manage the finance requirements of a group of private investors. This experience gave Lisa a unique understanding of the needs of all kinds of investors and access to the strategies that professional investors regularly use to grow wealth.


In 2011, Lisa decided to take make this knowledge and expertise available to everyday investors. She established Finvest to help more people access Australia’s thriving property market to create wealth and security.

Finvest immediately attracted the attention and support of a number of large property companies. These relationships remain strong to this day and underpin the amazing opportunities that Finvest regularly source for its clients.

Since then, Lisa has provided advice and guidance to hundreds of new and experienced investors. Many of her earlier clients continue to come back to add to their portfolios, with several now holding 5 or more investment properties.

Lisa continues to work with new and ongoing Finvest clients, and oversees every event, training session and client negotiation that Finvest conducts.

Finvest provides a range of investor services for new and established investors as well as regular events events designed for investors and our legendary Health is Wealth Lifestyle event.