About Us


Real clients, real stories.

Our clients come from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. Over the years we have helped hundreds of investors. While their stories are different, their goals are similar. All share a genuine desire to build their property portfolios, legally reduce their tax and build wealth for the future.

Justin's story

Justin started as a beginner property investor at 29, purchasing an apartment with a first home owners grant. After refinancing and buying another apartment, Justin accessed a property using a grant which allowed for greater cash-flow. This began a series of successes in property and finance. Justin’s income was $76,701, tax payable of $17,387. After Finvest makeover it was reduced to only $10.74c.

Jai's Story

Rental income per month is now over $10,000, that’s $120,000 yearly!

Jai who had been a self employed dance instructor for eight years and a property investor for just over twelve months. Jai’s core motivation was family, so Finvest helped to ensure that education, time and choices were made a priority.

Rhys' Story

We used a personal loan for the deposit.

Rhys was being taxed $1200 per week before investing in property. After investing his taxes reduced to $650, nearly half of his previous taxes. This allowed Rhys to annually save $33,000. Over the course of just three years, Rhys was able to attain 3 investment properties.

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