Since returning from Asia after years of presenting on behalf of Australia’s largest developers, I wanted to share the knowledge of industry professionals –  professionals that I rely on for information and advice.

These are not sales opportunities by developers enticing you to buy properties. Everyone wishes to equip themselves with as much information as possible in order to make more educated decisions. I want to provide a direct-from-supplier, behind the scenes look at the investment market. In this respect, my black book is open to you. In order to add value for topic driven discussions, we cover various parts of the industry. Three speakers covering different core aspects have been invited to share updates which you won’t find anywhere else. Who will benefit?

This series is for anyone; bankers, brokers, accountants, friends, your circles of influence Learn from people that work within the industry. Enjoy a relaxed opportunity to mingle with likeminded beginner, intermediate and advanced investors. Hear some stories about how they got started, and meet the professionals that work with and assist successful investors in building their portfolios. Meet and access leading branded professionals that specialise in the wholesale supply, lending and use of property for investment. Learn how to make property work for you.