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Develop an investment property portfolio in 2020 and build for the future. It’s far more possible than most people think. 

We have helped thousands of regular Australians climb out from under their mortgage, put their home equity to work, and start building wealth for the future. And our Sydney clients have been the most active in years. Why? On average Melbourne property is 40% cheaper than its Sydney equivalent!

So, if you have $65,000 or more equity in your home, we can probably help. And if you aren’t there yet, we can show you how to get you there. We can show you how to build a portfolio of properties that have the potential to pay down your family home mortgage, reduce your tax, and move you toward financial freedom.

To find out how we can help you, attend one of our regular Sydney events or simply book your free, personal, Investor Assistance Session now.

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How it works

Our investor assistance sessions are informal, relaxed discussions where we talk with you about your property and investment goals, talk about the market and identify some of the best ways to get started on the path to creating your portfolio.

It’s free, no-obligation and no-pressure. Book a session now and find out what’s possible.

Three critical reasons to get started now...

1. Access to great deals and prices
We can source investments with the potential to save you significant amounts on the deposit and terms you need to get started.
2. Developers need to maintain their sales volumes
Developers need to keep theri sales momentum through 2019.  This means we can push for extra-great prices by taking advantage of developers’ need to maximise  sales volumes.
3. We know how to make time work for you
A property investment is often about more than just a great price. We work with you to use little-known pressure points to build a total deal on your property that isn’t always available to retail purchasers.

Why our clients choose Finvest

Early, often exclusive access to outstanding listings
Finvest has access to a unique, exclusive portfolio of investment units, townhouses, and house & land solutions. This portfolio is always changing as new opportunities are added. Our investment opportunities span metro and regional areas, and include investment hotspots in Melbourne’s inner, middle and outer suburbs.
Many are released to us well before they hit ‘’ . At different times of the year, many accept offers up to $50,000 below their actual price.

We help you develop your own investor skills and expertise
Our team doesn’t just advise you – we help you develop the essential skills and knowledge you need to manage and grow your portfolio. Our clients enjoy unlimited guidance sessions and access to our panel of established industry experts. We will show you how to confidently negotiate property purchases and share simple yet critical techniques for using property to create and retaining income.

By your side and keeping you informed – all the way
Being transparent means that we share along the way and show you every possible benefit. Our 17-year history means that we can provide advice and assistance over the short, medium and long-term. Many of our clients have been with us for many years, in some cases amassing portfolios of up to ten properties within a few years. And we are hands-on from the top down – founder Lisa Harris is active in each and every client portfolio we have created.

It’s time to stop putting it off. The first step toward your independence is as simple as a mouse click. Book your obligation-free Investor Assistance Session today.

Don't take our word for it - hear from our clients

Juan Ruiz: 0-3 investments in 3 years

Juan lives in Sydney. He already had an investment property but knew that the market was rapidly rising. Finvest gave him a full review of his options for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and helped him secure a property with $30,000 off the asking price. In July last year, he added a third property to his portfolio that generates more than $1,600 in monthly rental income.

Jai Villagonzalo : 0-5 investments in 5 years

Jai’s monthly rental income  is now over  $135,000 per year through Finvest! Jai had been a self-employed dance instructor for eight years and a property investor for just over twelve months. Jai’s core motivation was family, so Finvest helped to ensure that education, time and choices were made a priority. Jai has now built an investment portfolio of 5 properties in under 5 years.

Seize the day - book your free Investor Assistance Session

What you can expect

Our sessions are an informal forum for us to get to know each other. We seek to understand your goals and your personal situation and explain what we do and how we can help. No pressure, no hard-sell – just good advice. Find out what’s possible.