Our Birthday Featured Deal

Finvest recently celebrated it’s third birthday!

What better way to celebrate than to feature what is one of the most outstanding investment opportunities we have seen in our history in the sector.

If you’re currently in the market – or even just considering buying property, this deal offers numbers that are hard to go past.


The details


This 2 x 2 deal is very special – and promises to offer great benefits for new buyers and seasoned investors alike.

These 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury apartments are in the spectacular Ivanhoe Gardens development. Ivanhoe Gardens features a contemporary neighbourhood surrounded by beautiful Jack Merlo-designed parks and gardens. Residents will enjoy luxurious facilities including a world-class health and fitness centre, an abundance of entertainment spaces and 5-star hotel service.

The numbers...

Here’s how the offer and the numbers look…

Purchase Price: $570,000

Deposit required: $57,000 (this can be equity, superannuation or savings)

Estimated Rental Income: $28,600 per annum

Finvest Discount: $20,000

(Competitor comparison – Competitors are asking $720,000 for equivalent properties)


Compare the floorplans

What should I do next?

Act now! We have access to a maximum of six of these property packages on these exceptional terms and they will go quickly.

If this is something that you think might make a good component in your portfolio (and how could it not?), click here to contact Lisa Harris direct.