“Wealth is the ability to fully appreciate life”

Finvest is for the life passionate. The ones who believe there is more than just the grind. The ones who are here for the future and families. You’re reading this because you want to do something new, to make a change. Whether for your family or your lifestyle, or both. Finvest gets people like you, because we’re people like you. Our passion is about helping people achieve their dreams and we do it through holistic property strategies.

We love Real Estate and take great pride in being “Passionate Property Experts”. Being property investors ourselves, and with each member of the team coming from a residential finance background, we understand numbers, and we understand what it takes to achieve financial success & freedom through property investment.



The definition of FINVEST success – Creating REPEAT investors from anyone who is looking to get started…


Learn about your limits.
Finvest Leverages direct relationships with senior bankers…

Market Research

There are a host of factors when considering whether an area is suitable for investment – from whether there is…


Learn about the pitfalls you need to be protected from to maintain your lifestyle. Not just data we provide meaningful reports to help you make better decisions.


Meet like minded investors and access leading branded professionals of wholesale supply, investment lenders and accountants.

Well Being

The First Wealth is Health’ event will provide a limited few an opportunity to revitalise themselves and discover the true meaning of ‘Wellness’.

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Client’s Success Drives Us!

What Our Clients Say

“I wanted to get into property market a long time ago but I never got involved in the property until 12 months ago. Even though I may have means to do this a long time ago I did not have the education, motivation or the proper guidance to do this. And, recently has luck would happen, I had a student come along who happen to be a big player in the property industry and she’s kicking goals. Lisa took me under her guidance and has thought me the roads, because of her I have managed to step up a future after dancing”.
Jai, Owner of TSF dance school