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Finvest and Finvest Finance share a Head Office in South Melbourne and a strong digital library available exclusively to our members that offers the unique ability to learn from people just like you, see their results, we all grow together evolving our strengths, weaknesses and changes across the finance and property markets that through our panel of professionals that we worked through together.


Founder Lisa Harris went into partnership with her mum for her 1st property purchase at 21, and started a full time career in mortgage brokerage at 22 years old.

It was through a decade of hand on experience from both the customer as well as the banks interpretation of risk that she developed learning the appetite for how to review income and see the risk, types and locations of certain properties, alongside their results with those whom were applying for various kinds of lending.


Craving the ability to learn more about credit, she took a senior role in a major bank lender, managing a large portfolio of 1,000+ broker firms across Victoria to mentor, structure, cross-sell whilst managing a period of record high volumes of millions of dollars of residential loan applications monthly.

Access to the banking systems, senior people and high volumes provided clarity in compliances, clear hotspots alongside lending black spots on where varying factors from postcodes through to types of security provided keys to how to build low risk strategies around how to use property for investment.

2011 Lisa took the career change she had always had a passion for, the niche of Investment Property. There are many clients still with Lisa from these beginning days 7 years ago, several with over 5 investment properties.


Together, alongside a few thousand mentorees, that are now Australia wide, with investors deep into various strategies and hotspots that have rebuilt their relationship with quality of life, our community of Finvestors have now shared nearly a whole property cycle together;  through the fast evolution through this information age of webinars and ‘learn to earn’ programs.

Property Strategy Session One

Our beginning with you is about you, and the current trends in property + how we can help you.

Finvest covers

  • New vs Established property, being aware of your entry costs
  • Borrowing Capacity tools to maximise your ability to increase your lending potential
  • What is deductible if used for owner occupier vs investment
  • Investment cost, holding costs, interest rates, loan structures and once you have it, what do you plan to do with it?
  • Capital Gains implications, property in super and property for my family and kids.

Through 17 years Finvest have sought out, reviewed and successfully implemented dozens of variations of property strategies from land banking, property options, flipping, renovating, off the plan purchases, construction, house and land and distressed purchases, through to asset protection, self managed property strategy, property trusts and commercial to name a few.